Lot 100 Pcs Banknotes From 100 Different Countries / Regions Set, Original Genuine Real Banknote UNC , Country Gift

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Angel Contreras

Really nice, worth every penny.

Ajay Sth

Love your service and product.





Lot 100 pcs banknotes From 100 countries / regions of world banknotes Random pick , original Genuine Real banknote , UNC , new good for collection / gift

Random pick 100 pcs banknotes from 100 coutries / regions,most banknotes from below countries: Burma, Hongkong, Somalia, Ukraine, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Malawi, Nepal, Zambia, Kampuchea, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Republic of Chechnya, Nigeria, Venezuela Moldova, India, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, Pakistan, Guinea, Congo, etc., Random pickup total 100 pieces and delivery.
100 pcs from 100 different countries , No country or region is repeat.
* These banknotes are all real and original UNC,and they were can be used, but 
Most of them are out of circulation NOW (expired).
* Banknotes / countries may change by different batches, images for reference only.


We don't make copies. None copie notes in our store.

*The actual note may have different serial number, signaturs and prefixs. images for reference only.

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