60 coins from Different Countries , Real Genuine Original Coin set

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Binod Samuditha

Real coins





Collect total 60 pcs Original Real coins from 60 countries good for collection / gift , most UNC condition.


most coins from follow countries:

Slovenia, Malaysia, Korea, North Korea,Macao,Indonesia,Estonia, Uzbekistan, Greece, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Maldives, South Africa, Austria, Russia, USA, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Pakistan , Nepal, Belarus, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Deniester, Cook islands, Moldova, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Somaliland, Hong Kong, Zambia, Turkey, Japan, Panama, Seychelles, Columbia, Trinidad and Tobago, New GuineaFrance , Finland, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Canada, Bulgaria, Tonga, Taiwan, Soviet, Oman, Solomon, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Lebanon, Mozambique, Mexico .

( All Real Coins !)


Because our stocks may change in different periods, we may replace some countries and coins in different batches.


Please notice about coin:
* Most of currency coins is massive issued, so it is normal to have slight scratches or traces on the surface caused by friction.
* The presence of small black spots on coins is a normal oxidation phenomenon, and most of common currency coins face this problem.

We don't make copies. None copie notes in our store.

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