120 coins from different Countries, Original Real Coin with Leather album , good for collection or gift

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120 coins from different Countries of world , Original Real mint Coin with Leather album , world Country Collection Set collectibles

120 coins from 120 Countries of world Album

  1. 120 coins from 120 countries and areas of world , all coins are original real coin from mint with high quality coin album.
  2. Taged by name and flags of every countries and come with a red collection album
  3. Good item for kids to learn world history
  4. Great unique gift for friends or yourself
  5. About 80~90% are UNC new coins.


collection of coins will be Randomly selected from the following countries: Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Burma, Thailand, DPRK, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malay, North Borneo, Malaysia,Singapore, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Mongolia, and East. Emperors, Afghanistan, Yemen, Turkey, Turkey, Armenia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Bahrain, Oman, Tanzania,Burundi, and ER Ryan, Cape Verde, Gambia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Mozambique, South African Uganda, European Union, Russia CIS, former Soviet Union Germany (former) Bulgaria,Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia, Estonia, Chechnya, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Britain, France, Ukraine, Portugal, Austria, Holland, Finland, Denmark. Luxemburg,Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Moldova, Gibraltar, Ireland, Jersey, and West Island, the United States, Canada, Grenada, Salvatore, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica,Argentina, barbardos, Trinidad and Tobago. La gourd, Bermuda,Guyana, Columbia, Brazil, Brazil, Paraguay, Netherlands Antilles, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Guam, Fiji, New Zealand,Australia, the Cayman Islands and etc.


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