China Different Food Coupon Set 50 / 100 PCS , Real notes Mix high grade lot Chinese rice bill meat coupons note original Stamp

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Set 50 / 100 PCS China Different Food Coupon , Real notes Mix grade lot Chinese rice bill meat coupons note original Stamp

China Food Coupon History:
Food coupons are a kind of grain purchase certificate issued by China from 1955 to 1993. At that time, urban residents had to rely on food coupons to buy food. On August 25, 1955, the 17th meeting of the State Council's plenary session passed the Interim Measures for the Printing of Municipal Food Quantitative Supply Voucher, and food stamps came into being. Since then, various types of tickets such as oil tickets, bean curd tickets and cloth tickets have been adopted. Into people's lives, all kinds of goods need to be purchased with tickets, and China has entered the "ticket era" for more than 30 years. Tickets represented by food stamps are evidence of China's long-term implementation of planned economy and shortage of commodities. In fact, the supply of tickets was not the earliest adopted by China. After the October Revolution of the Soviet Union, when the country was unstable, the civil war continued, and the commodities were scarce, it took a planned distribution of goods and issued various kinds of commodity tickets. The earliest tickets in the Soviet Union were 1916. Shoes tickets. The United States also issued a variety of commodity tickets during the period of World War II commodity shortages. There are also many types of commodities, including food stamps. There are still some countries that still use ticketing methods, such as North Korea, Vietnam and some other countries. More than 2,500 cities and counties across the country, and some townships and townships have all issued and used various grain stamps to carry out planned supply. There are also some large companies, factories and mines. ,farm. In 1989, food stamps were cancelled. In 1993, the traces of the alternation of old and new times were particularly evident. In February of that year, the two sessions of the country were convened. The first time the representative members took meals, they no longer needed to pay for food stamps. On May 10, the Beijing Municipal Government formally announced that from this day on, food stamps will be cancelled. The farewell to food stamps began on April 1, 1992. At that time, the country increased the order price and sales price of food at the same time, and basically achieved the same price of buying and selling. On this basis, various localities began to liberalize grain prices and cancel grain. ticket. The food stamp that appeared in 1955 finally completed its historical mission and quietly withdrew from the stage of history.



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