Maximum 15000 PCS Different Postage Stamps, Real World Random Mixed CTO Stamp, Used with Post Mark , Post Stamp for Collection

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Maximum 15000 PCS Different Postage Stamps, World Random Mixed CTO Stamp, Used with Post Mark

What is CTO Stamps (follow infomation from internet): A cancelled to order (also called and abbreviated CTO) postage stamp, philatelic symbol CTO symbol.svg,[1] is a stamp the issuing postal service has cancelled (marked as used), but has not traveled through the post,[2] but instead gets handed back to a stamp collector or dealer. They can come from withdrawn stocks of stamps cancelled in sheets and sold as remainders or from new sheets for sale at reduced rates to the stamp trade.[2] Postal services of various countries do this in response to collector demand, or to preclude stamps issued for the collector market being used on mail. Some of the history of CTOs is from stamps being given to collectors on an approval basis, in person or through mailings; the first CTOs began in the late 19th century.

About our items:
Although we can make up to 15000 different world stamps as set, it is very difficult to count the exact number because that will takes a lot of time to count, so we can only use weight to calculate. Therefore, the product contains different weight options for you to choose from, because different stamp size will have different weight . Our sales take weight as the final price , so the quantity is only for reference. Please note and understand, thank you

* Stamps will random pick by different batches, may different with pictures, pictures for reference only !





All real and used postage stamps with post mark,came from all over the world with postmark.

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